Jim Wallace is a different kind of realtor.  We had been looking for to build our country property.  We live part-time in Caledon and were watching for the right property to come along.  We met with a few high-profile realtors who showed us their listings – including one of Jim’s. While we were considering each of these, Jim was the only realtor who followed up with us until we made our decision to buy.  In addition, when it came to the design of our country property, we hired a consultant to assist us.  Later, when we realized the process was onerous, we reached out to Jim for help.  He made a few phone calls to the NEC staff and sorted things out for us.  Not only did he followup in the beginning, he answered the bell several months after the transaction was complete

Monika S.

“Jim Wallace has an amazing customer-service orientation.  While negotiating the purchase of our new home, he was right there beside us all the way. It seemed like the other realtor managed the entire transaction for her client electronically utilizing DocuSign. Jim made sure we were completely educated on all of the documents and each clause. Thanks to Jim, we went through this process with complete confidence and the assurance that we were well served.”

Peter and Margaret O.

Jim is very knowledgeable and connected. When I was deciding to buy a heritage property in Caledon, I wanted a real estate agent with extensive knowledge of heritage sales.  I was recommended to Jim because of his experience on Caledon Council and his prior role as Chair of Heritage Caledon. By chance, Jim had the listing I was looking for. This was a complex sale that demanded a great deal of navigation through the regulatory bodies to achieve.  He was the best choice I made. Each step of the way Jim rose beyond my expectations with his ability to research the issues, doggedly work towards positive outcomes, and find fair and timely solutions. All while working with myriad personalities!

Lisa K.

Jim Wallace has excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.  We were interested in buying a property that required a Caledon Committee of Adjustment approval before we could proceed. Jim represented the Seller at the Town and the approval was granted with a condition that the Region of Peel would be gifted from the Seller over 700 feet of property frontage, 3 feet deep into the property for future road widening purposes.  While we were prepared to accept this condition and proceed with the purchase, Jim was able to negotiate a settlement with Peel that resulted in us not having to gift the land.  This saved us tens of thousands of dollars in modifications to our property. Thank you Jim

Jim K.

Jim introduced me to the Belfountain General Store this year. I started with a clear vision for how I could improve and refine the income streams and Jim was committed to help me define a business plan. Jim advised that some of my ideas might require a change of use permit from the Niagara Escarpment Commission and/or the Town of Caledon. Jim was on point with his assessment of how regulatory bodies can shape how small businesses work in Caledon. We successfully worked through the issues, which resulted in a positive and successful foundation for my start-up. Jim has remained dedicated to regularly meeting to unpack the specific and many challenges small businesses in Caledon and Ontario face. Jim’s business acumen is remarkable and his commitment to others’ success speaks to how high quality a person he is.”

Lisa Y.

While negotiating our purchase and later the sale of our home, it was clear he was aware of the decisions we needed to make at the right time during negotiations.  What we appreciated most was that he really listened to what we were looking for and found us an absolutely perfect new home.  We truly couldn’t be happier.  Jim made the right recommendations and we achieved our goals.

Will and Connie S.

Jim Wallace has incredible patience and shows empathy. Jim helped sell my farm on 38 acres.  I really didn’t want to sell; however, the upkeep was becoming too much for me. I hoped to purchase a bungalow on a much smaller lot. I was buying in the spring of 2017 and was in competition on every deal.  I bought a house in Orangeville but was never truly satisfied with it. I asked Jim to help me sell the house and move again.  He advised me of the financial impact of a decision to move so soon and asked me to hang in until the spring of 2018 – suggesting if I still felt the same he would sell the home exclusively and help me minimize any losses, and he offered a commission reduction. Jim exceeded my expectations. I sold the house for almost $100k more than I paid only 11 months earlier. He set me at ease from the get-go and helped me move on to a new home I love

Karl M.

Jim Wallace has established incredible relationships with the local governing bodies.  A severance was required to sell my property.  Initially, the severance was denied; however, as a result of his solid understanding of Niagara Escarpment Commission polices and keen understanding of Caledon’s planning policies, he was able to negotiate a favourable result. His time on Caledon Council served him well and the relationships he established with the NEC and Town have clearly stood the test of time.

Brennan M.

Jim Wallace is tenacious and extremely loyal.  My husband met with Jim in his office in Toronto to discuss the marketing strategy of our unique historic property.  Jim proceeded to work on the concepts they had discussed; however, there were a few details we disagreed on. I remember Jim nonchalantly saying he believed our differences would be worked out. He worked to meet and exceed our expectations and eventually completedeach of the marketing objectives to our complete satisfaction forthe sale of our home. What was most impressive was that he remained positive and worked toward helping us accomplish our goals

Dorothy T.